Vehicle Detailing _

At Oswego Film Company, step into a realm where every car detail is a brushstroke of genius, each shine a tale of passion and protection.

Expert Car Detailing with a Twist
of Shine and Unrivaled Protection


Estimated Completion Time: 3-8 Hours

Perfect for vehicles that maintain their charm but require an extra touch of sparkle. Our vehicle detailing service is designed to rejuvenate and preserve your car’s good looks. Starting with a meticulous two-bucket hand wash, we deep clean the wheels and trim, ensuring every nook and cranny gleams. Next, we decontaminate the paintwork to meticulously remove any lingering bugs, tar, and sap.

Our skilled team then applies a one-step polish, specifically designed to amplify your car’s shine, bringing out its vibrant color and gloss. This process is sealed with a high-quality polymer sealant for lasting protection and an immaculate finish.

  • Optional Enhancement: Elevate your car’s shine and shield it against the elements with our ceramic coatings from XPEL Fusion Coating. This optional upgrade offers a one-year, gleaming, and highly-hydrophobic ceramic coating, providing an extra layer of durability and ease of maintenance.

This Comprehensive Package Includes:

  • Two-bucket hand wash for a thorough, swirl-free clean.
  • Intensive deep cleaning of wheels and trim.
  • Paint decontamination to eliminate impurities and reveal a spotless surface.
  • Single-step polish to enhance shine and vibrancy.
  • Includes A “mini detail” for your car’s interior.
    • Cars: $350
    • Midsize: $450
    • Over-Size: $600

Estimated Completion Time: 2 Days or less

Dive into a world where your vehicle doesn’t just turn heads – it captivates them. Our Exterior Enhancement Correction isn’t just a service; it’s a revival of your vehicle’s charisma. With a meticulous two-step compound and polish process, we bid farewell to paint imperfections and welcome back a deep, mesmerizing luster. And the grand finale? A layer of Ceramic Sealant for that enviable, hydrophobic shield.

  • Optional Upgrade – The Ultimate Protection: Take the leap with XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating. It’s not just an upgrade; it’s a commitment to excellence. Covering every inch of your vehicle’s exterior – from paint to glass, trim, and wheels – it promises shine and durability that’s nothing short of legendary.

This Exclusive Package Includes:

  • All services from our revered Exterior Detail: Single-Step Polish Package.
  • A bonus round of intensive paint correction, waving goodbye to about 85% of all visible surface blemishes for a mirror-like, swirl-free finish.
  • An interior “mini detail” because what’s a stunning exterior without an equally impressive interior?
  • Bundle and Save: Pair this with any of our other services for a match made in car heaven and enjoy an exclusive discount.
  • Elevate your ride with Oswego Film Company – where every vehicle is a masterpiece in waiting.
    • Cars: $999
    • Midsize: $499
    • Over-Size: $1499

Revitalizing Dull Vehicle Exteriors with Premier Detailing Services - Oswego Film Company

Even the most well-maintained vehicles can eventually show signs of wear. At Oswego Film Company, we specialize in bringing back the sparkle to your vehicle’s exterior. Our range of exterior vehicle detailing, and enhancement services covers everything from basic upkeep to comprehensive paint correction. Your journey to automotive exterior perfection begins with us.

Another vital aspect of our services is the preservation of your vehicle’s existing protective measures. If you’ve invested in paint protection films, ceramic coatings, or even aesthetic vinyl vehicle wraps, our complete exterior detailing ensures these enhancements remain as effective and visually striking as the day they were applied.

At Oswego Film Company, we’re committed to unveiling the hidden beauty of your vehicle. Reach out to us for more details or to schedule an exterior detailing package. Don’t miss out on discovering how our additional services can further elevate your vehicle’s appearance.

Precision. Passion. Perfection: The OFC Commitment.