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Elevate Your Vehicle's Exterior with Our Premium Detailing Services

At Oswego Film Company, where we take your vehicle’s exterior to the next level. Buckle up and get ready for a ride that will leave your car looking fresh, clean, and downright irresistible. Our premium detailing services are designed to make your vehicle shine like a star while providing the utmost protection. Trust us; your ride is in good hands.
Unleash the Magic: The Secrets Behind Our Top-Notch Exterior Detailing Service
Pressure Rinse & Foam Vehicle: Let’s start with a gentle pressure rinse, washing away the dirt and grime that has dared to hitch a ride on your magnificent four-wheeled companion. We then lather it up with a PH-neutral shampoo, giving every nook and cranny the VIP treatment they deserve.
3-Bucket Hand Wash: We don’t mess around when it comes to car washes, my friend. Our meticulous team employs the legendary 3-bucket method to ensure a scratch-free experience that will make your car feel like royalty. With separate buckets for washing, rinsing, and wheel cleaning, we keep your vehicle looking flawless from every angle.
Light Bug and Tar Removal: Bugs and tar may think they can crash the party, but fear not! Our experts know the secret formula for banishing those pesky intruders. We’ll make sure your car is free from those clingy critters, leaving it looking sleek, fresh, and ready to hit the road with style.
Deep Clean Tires, Wheels, and Wheel Wells: We believe in giving tires and wheels the VIP treatment they deserve. Our team rolls up their sleeves and goes to town, giving your wheels and tires the attention they crave. Brake dust, grime, and road residue? Consider them history. Your wheels will shine like a Hollywood superstar, my friend.
Blow Dry and Silk Dryer: Drying your vehicle is an art, my friend, and we’ve mastered the craft. We blow away water droplets with surgical precision, ensuring that every emblem and door jam is perfectly dry. But we don’t stop there! We seal the deal with our Silk Dryer, leaving your car’s surface as smooth as a Rodney Dangerfield one-liner. It’s the finishing touch that adds that extra touch of class.
Aftercare Formula Ceramic Detailer: Here comes the secret weapon, my friend. Our Aftercare Formula Ceramic Detailer is like a superhero cape for your vehicle’s protective coating or film. It replenishes the existing layer, keeping it strong and vibrant. Say hello to a glossy finish that will have heads turning and paparazzi scrambling for a shot.
Tire and Wheel Well Conditioning: We like our tires and wheel wells like we like our coffee—bold and looking sharp. Our water-based dressing gives them a fresh, satin look that will make you want to take your vehicle out for a spin just to show them off. And don’t worry, it’s sling-free, so your ride stays clean and mean. Ready to make a statement on the streets? We’ve got you covered.
Streak-Free Window Magic: Clear, streak-free windows are a must for a proper driving experience. We take the time to clean your windshield, windows, and mirrors to perfection. Enjoy the view with crystal-clear clarity and a reflection that would make even the most famous supermodels jealous. Your ride will feel like it’s cruising down the red carpet.
Ready to experience the magic of our exterior detailing services? Buckle up and let Oswego Film Company take your ride to new heights. With our attention to detail and premium products, your vehicle will be the talk of the town. Schedule an appointment online or contact us today to book your spot. Get ready to turn heads and drive with confidence. Your ride deserves nothing less.


Express Exterior Supreme Detailing Package

Elevate Your Ride's Street Cred - Starting at $150

Are you ready to have your car not just turning heads, but causing full-on double-takes? Buckle up, because our Express Exterior Detailing Package is your ticket to a showstopping transformation.

Here’s a quick peek into the pit-stop pampering your ride is set to receive:

  • Double-Bucket Dance: Our two-bucket hand wash is so detailed, it’ll make your car feel like it’s at a ritzy ball, not a car wash.
  • Wheels and Tires Tango: We’ll give your wheels and tires a hand wash that’ll have them gleaming like they’re ready for their close-up.
  • Paint Perfection: Bugs, tar, grime, we wave them goodbye with our decontamination process. It’s like giving your paint a fresh start in life.
  • Clay-Bar Coup de Grace: For any stubborn impurities that managed to stick around, our clay-bar comes to the rescue. It’s the secret weapon of the car cleanliness world.
  • Tire Dress to Impress: With our no-sling tire dressing, your tires won’t just be clean, they’ll be catwalk-ready. Tire beauty pageant, anyone?
  • Sealed with Shine: We finish off the package with a paint sealant application. It’s like putting a protective bubble around all that freshly achieved glow.

Ready to ride in a car that’s not just clean, but dazzlingly clean? Secure your Express Exterior Detailing Package today, and let’s make your car the star of the streets.

Deluxe Exterior Ultimate Detailing Package

Let Your Car Shine Bright Like a Diamond - Starting at $300

Ever dreamed of your car outshining the stars themselves? Well, we’re here to turn that dream into a gleaming reality with our Deluxe Exterior Detailing Package.

Here’s a preview of the VIP treatment your vehicle will enjoy:

  • Double-Bucket Decadence: Just like the Express package, but double the luxury. We bring out the big guns, i.e., two buckets, to give your car a hand wash so lavish, it might develop a superiority complex.
  • Wheel and Tire Enthusiasm: Wheels and tires get a hands-on approach to cleanliness. We’ll scrub until they sparkle brighter than a disco ball.
  • Paint Paradise: No bug, tar, or grime stands a chance against our paint decontamination. It’s like an intense boot camp for your paintwork, except the result is a lustrous sheen, not sweat and tears.
  • Clay-Bar Concierge: We decontaminate any remaining impurities with the almighty clay-bar. Consider this the cherry on top of a very clean sundae.
  • Jamb Job: We’ll clean the door, trunk, sunroof, and fuel door jambs. If there’s a jamb, we’ll be there, and we’ll clean it.
  • Trim Triumph: A trim dressing so expert, it should have its own TED Talk. Shine is the name of the game.
  • Tire Treat: No-sling tire dressing that leaves your wheels dressed to impress. Your tires never looked so classy.
  • Seal of Success: We lock in all that cleanliness with an application of paint sealant. It’s like the bouncer for your car’s cleanliness club.
  • Swirl-Free Splendor: The pièce de résistance – a single stage, swirl-free paint polish that’ll have your car looking like it stepped right out of a car commercial.
  • Glass Gleam: We’ll polish your glass to remove water spotting. Because a clean car isn’t complete without crystal-clear windows.

Ready for your car to outshine the Milky Way? Secure your Deluxe Exterior Detailing Package today and let’s get your ride turning heads!

Precision. Passion. Perfection: The OFC Commitment.