Elevate your vehicle maintenance to new heights with Oswego Film Company’s hydrophobic ceramic coating packages. Serving Oswego, Naperville, Plainfield, Yorkville, and the wider Kendall County area, we offer comprehensive paint protection packages featuring XPEL ceramic coatings. Enhance your paintwork’s gloss and simplify your daily routine with our add-on coating services.

Shield your vehicle’s interior from harmful UV rays and prying eyes with XPEL window tint films. At Oswego Film Company, our window tinting services are tailored to fit even the most unique vehicles. Keep your interior cool and deter potential break-ins with our premium window tints.

Despite the best protection, your vehicle can still fall victim to grime and contamination. At Oswego Film Company, we offer professional vehicle detailing services that rejuvenate every corner of your ride. Trust us to restore your vehicle’s luster and protect its interior components.

Oswego Film Company's Detailing Haven_

In the realm of prized possessions, automobiles hold a special place. They’re not just modes of transport; they’re reflections of our personality and style. At Oswego Film Company, we understand this bond. Our adept professionals, armed with cutting-edge tools and techniques, meticulously clean, polish, and shield every inch of your vehicle. We’re not just doing a job; we’re curating excellence.


From the sleek lines of modern sedans to the vintage charm of classic cars, the adrenaline-pumping aura of sports cars, or the rugged spirit of motorcycles, our array of services—paint protection, ceramic coating, window tinting, and automotive detailing—are tailored to fulfill the vision of perfection you hold. Our automotive detailing services are not just restorative and preventative; they’re a mark of distinction sought after in and around Chicago, including:

  • Naperville
  • Aurora
  • Plainfield
  • Yorkville
  • Oswego
  • Montgomery
  • Boulder Hill

But why stop at protection? At Oswego Film Company, we believe in transformation. Our aesthetic enhancement offerings range from vinyl vehicle wraps and chrome delete services to accents and commercial vehicle graphic wrap installations. Each service is a testament to our unwavering commitment to turning heads on every street.

At the core of Oswego Film Company lies a trinity of values: impeccable workmanship, steadfast ethics, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. These principles are the pillars that support our dedication to product quality and exceptional end results. Whether your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle or any other vehicle craves a touch-up or a total transformation, we promise not just to meet but exceed your expectations. We’re not just in the business of detailing vehicles; we’re in the business of crafting legends on wheels.

Precision. Passion. Perfection: The OFC Commitment.